@indigo Sounds like you have some good coping strategies.. Sorry about the funerals.. :-( Did I read that your sister-in-law had passed away? ~hug~

Hi all. Just realised it’s been a while since I was here. Busy few weeks getting started with a new contract.. How are you all?

@hazardwarning I’ll just leave this here.. ?


/@indigo @variablepulserate

@phoneboy Thanks for sharing - will give it a thorough read..

@hazardwarning Yes, if the M25 is involved especially!


@hazardwarning I’m probably in the same boat. Very nice case, and useful as a general ‘work’ pen case, but not reflecting the actual cost on the packaging is just plain frustrating..

@hazardwarning Ouch! Coaches are bad enough to begin with..


@matigo Lost -> Resigned or Lost -> Redundant/Let Go? I can imagine either scenario…

@matigo Funny how many companies ‘discovered’ (and quickly fixed) serious API issues just before GDPR regulation came into force…

@hazardwarning I just had one of those, I think for the Pen Addict Kickstarter case. I don’t begrudge the duty, but I do begrudge the £8+ ‘handling fee’..