Yes please, that’s my primary non-work address..

I realised I don’t have your address to send the pencil to. Also, having no memory for names I realised I don’t know you wife or son’s name (I’ll write a short note to include). Also, are there any favourite british sweets I can send with it?

I’ll aim to get it posted at the weekend - I’ll let you have all the tracking details once sent..

Sorry have been distracted recently. I checked the weight of the Pencil and it’ll be about £15 to post. I’d just ask you to donate it to the ME Association rather than faffing with Paypal etc though. Let me know if you want it sending..

I’m not sure - I’ll weigh it later and see if I can estimate postage if you’re interested?

I know, awful news - and to do it today of all days adds another level of callousness to the act.


Does anyone have a pressing need for an Apple Pencil (original version)? I have a surplus one I bought a while back when I thought I’d lost mine.
It’s new in box and it’ll go to charity if no-one needs it..
(Safe to say my next iPad, whenever I buy one, will use the new version pencil!)

She’s fading a little as she gets older, but it’s mostly the light I think..

She’s a sunbathing aficionado - she generally lies wherever there’s a patch of sunlight!