Hope you’re feeling better soon Jeremy.. Respiratory infections are no fun. Try some form of zinc supplement, I’ve found it helps lungs recover from these things..

Too many <pauses> Bake News stories…

Congratulations Dale! You’re overdue some nice things happening.

Will keep my fingers crossed..


Nice.. :-)
I know about stalling - I’m bouncing around the 104-106kg area at the moment.. Mostly I’ve been eating out / takeaways too much to continue the weight loss due to general energy levels / stress etc..

No, you have something in your eye…!


I’ve found using some Vicks vaporub before sleep (https://www.vicks.co.uk/en-gb/shop-products/vicks-decongestants/vicks-vaporub-ointment) helps reduce my snoring, along with lots of sleeping on my side!

At the risk of straying into relationship advice, I’d recommend having it as a contingency bed rather than a regular one, even if you’re using it most nights. Important difference mentally/emotionally..