Avoiding being put in positions like that are one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed being self-employed..

Urghh. ?Flu - bane of the self-employed. I blame all the public transport I’ve been using…

I don’t think it will be that centralised, which is good (less power for one company), but bad in the way TV & Film will be by the end of the year - lots of competing services, all of which have something of interest!


Aww.. Puppies are the best distractorators! ?

Nothing in York, just a little ice on the walk to the station..

Well, I’m now properly embarrassed at the incompetence and general stupidity of my country’s ‘leadership’ - even more so than the past 2+ years…

glorious yellow,
crests above the lucent sky,
drawing up the soul


Always nice to politely give a nasty work colleague a dressing down..

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?! ?

Down the back of the sofa?!