@jeremycherfas Thanks Jeremy, that’s done the job. :-)


@jeremycherfas Thanks Jeremy. I’ll check it out. Doesn’t seem to have a proper RSS podcast feed associated with it though, unfortunately - at least not one that Overcast would recognise.. :-(


@nitinkhanna I suspect it’s about data sensitivity / encryption.

@indigo Odette's just waiting on her Irish passport - due any day now. We'd then need to be resident in the island of Ireland (i.e. includes NI) for 3 years (I think - it's been a while since I last checked the specifics).

/@jeremycherfas @larand

@indigo My dad had a frozen shoulder a few years back. He was told at least 6 months of the exercises to get it back up and running, but you will get there.. ~hug~


@matigo I guessed that. I was referring to ‘your’ customers as a representative of your day job.. ;-)

@matigo Congratulations.. Also, on behalf of your customers, most of who won’t care a damn, thanks for moving the data from US to the EU..

@streakmachine You need a new ISP - seems like they’re wanting to monetise your data..