Photo of Lily from earlier today that MrsH sent me..


hug Let me know if I can be of any help.. I’m glad you’re taking the time and space to get on top of things rather than ‘soldiering’ on..

I wouldn’t say bad busy, just busy busy! I could use a little more sleep and brain decompression time though..
How’re you?

Good morning all.. I’ve been a bit busy recently, hence the radio silence. I hope everyone is well?

I’m using her as an excuse to avoid studying myself!

Lily is hard at work learning Swift…


Wow. What an afternoon of Rugby. Amazing performance from Wales over a below par Ireland (☹ ), and I’m left speechless by the England v Scotland match - what a turn around by Scotland after half-time…

It peaked already I think, so we should be okay for now.. It got to 3.2metres above its usual level I think..

The river is a little high today.. Image

There’s an argument about whether or not the photographer had the right to distribute photos of other people under creative commons, but the liability for that probably lies with the person who uploaded the photos.