At least it wasn’t a precursor to being asked to sign something… ?

Odette’s away for a week of it, so having a week of days in / out with Lily.. No specific plans yet, but will have a day at the beach at least..

Morning all. Very tired today. Busy weekend with lots to do for my client, plus not enough sleep for a while now, plus continued coughing/enervation from flu a couple weeks back. I’m very looking forward to 1-2weeks off at the end of the month.

Assuming you’re using Skype, I’d like to recommend what I do, which is mute other people if they’re being inconsiderate..

We’re out for Sunday lunch today, and we have a stowaway! ;-) Image

Thanks Jeremy.. :-)

Mmmm.. And gyoza perhaps?! drool


p.s. I do have a coding background, so I know about logic etc..

Hmm. Define decent..?! I’ve been hacking around VLOOKUPs etc.. ;-)

Can anyone recommend a succinct and well written intro to Javascript? I don’t want to be a developer, but I need to create some scripts for a tool that uses JS to create reports and some introduction to syntax etc would be useful..